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Direct Drive System
The advanced Brushless DC motor directly drives the drum 
without  belt and pulley.
Tilted Drum and Extra Large Door Opening
The tilted drum and extra large door opening make it possible 
to load and unload easily.
Water Circulation  
Spray detergent solution and water onto the load repeatedly. 
Clothes are soaked more quickly and thoroughly during the wash cycle. 
Detergent suds are eliminated more easily by the water shower 
during rinse cycle. The water circulation system uses both 
water and detergent more efficiently.
The washing ball enhances wash performance and reduces 
damage to clothing. 
The jets spray and help tumble clothes to enhance
washing performance while maintaining fabric care.
Automatic Wash Load Detection 
Automatically detects the load and optimizes the washing time.
Built-in Heater    
The internal heater automatically heats the water to the optimum
temperature on selected cycles.
Child Lock
The Child lock feature prevents children from pressing any buttons 
to change the settings during operation.
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