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Connect Drain Hose.
Connect power plug.
If the drain hose is not installed properly, the unit will not drain properly.
This allows water to back flow into the unit which can cause odors.
Refer to Owner Manual for proper drain hose installation.
The odor could also be coming from the home’s drain to which the drain hose is attached.
In this type of drain hose installation, the odor could be coming from the standpipe.
This odor can come up the drain hose and into the unit.
Pour a cup or two of bleach or vinegar down the home drain 
and let it sit for 24 hours before running another cycle.
This will help eliminate odor from the home drain. 
If a cycle is started too soon after doing this, it will not help the issue.
Connect the power plug to the wall outlet.
Avoid connecting several electric devices, 
it may be the cause of a fire.
Laundry tub
Max. 100cm
Max. 100cm
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