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 Direct Drive System
The advanced Brushless DC motor directly drives the drum without 
belt and pulley.
 Water Circulation
Spray detergent solution and water over the load over continu. 
Clothes are soaked more quickly and thoroughly during wash cycle. 
The detergent suds can be removed more easily by the water shower during
rinse cycle. The water circulation system uses both water and detergent more
 Built-in Heater
 Child Lock
The Child lock prevents children from pressing any button to change the settings
during operation.
 More economical by Intelligent Wash System
Intelligent Wash System detects the amount of load and water temperature, and
then determines the optimum water level and washing time to minimize energy
and water consumption.
 Low noise speed control system
By sensing the amount of load and balance, it evenly distributes load to minimize
the spinning noise level.
 Safety device (Aqua lock) 
Aqua lock System is designed for detecting water leak during operation to
prevent water from spilling on the floor.  
 Steam Washing and Refresh
Steam Washing features upgraded washing performance with low energy
consumption. Refresh cycle reduces wrinkles from dry clothes.
❋ [F1❊03FDS]
 Automatic Wash Load Detection 
Automatically detects the load and optimizes the washing time.
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