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<Notice> Module Heat-Run Condition for W/B
1. The adjustment must be performed in the circumstance of
25±5°C of temperature and 65±10% of relative humidity if
there is no any specifics.
2. Before an W/B adjustment, the module which will be used
should be placed in the circumstance of 15°C~25°C for
above 2 hours.
3. If a module was placed in the circumstance of below 15°C,
it should be placed in the circumstance of 15°C~25°C for
above 2 hours or be run for above 5 minutes in an aging
environment of 60°C.
4. Before an W/B adjustment, TV set should be run for 5
minutes at least.
10. Serial Number Download
10-1. Download Procedure
(1) Press “Power on” button of a service R/C.(Baud rate :
115200 bps)
(2) Connect RS232-C Signal Cable.
(3) Write Serial number through RS-232C.
(4) Check the serial number at the Diagnostics of ‘SETUP’
menu. (Refer to below).
10-2. Signal TABLE
: A0h 
LENGTH : 85~94h (1~16 bytes)
: EEPROM Sub Address high (00~1F)
: EEPROM Sub Address low (00~FF)
: Write data
: CMD + LENGTH + ADH + ADL + Data_1 + ... + 
: 20ms
10-3. Command Set
FOS Default write : <7mode data> write
Vtotal, V_Frequency, Sync_Polarity, Htotal, Hstart, Vstart,
0, Phase
Data write : Model Name and Serial Number write in
11. Check Information 
(Serial No. & Model name)
(1) Push the menu button in DTV mode.
(2) Select the SETUP -> Diagnostics -> To set
(3) Check the Serial Number
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