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4.6. 3D function test
(Pattern Generator MSHG-600, MSPG-6100[Support HDMI1.4])
* HDMI mode NO. 872 , pattern No.83
(1)  Please input 3D test pattern like below.
(2) When 3D OSD appear automatically, then select OK key.
(3) Don't wear a 3D Glasses, check the picture like below.
4.7. Wi-Fi Test
Step 1) Turn on TV
Step 2) Select Network Connection option in Network Menu.
Step 3) Select Start Connection button in Network Connection.
Step 4)  If the system finds any AP like blow PIC, it is working 
4.8. LNB voltage and 22KHz tone check
(only for DVB-S/S2 model)
▪ Test method
(1) Set TV in Adj. mode using POWER ON.
(2) Connect cable between satellite ANT and test JIG.
(3)  Press Yellow key(ETC+SWAP) in Adj Remote control to 
make LNB on.
(4) Check LED light ‘ON’ at 18 V menu.
(5) Check LED light ‘ON’ at 22 KHz tone menu.
(6)  Press Blue key(ETC+PIP INPUT) in Adj Remote control 
to make LNB off.
(7) Check LED light ‘OFF’ at 18 V menu.
(8) Check LED light ‘OFF’ at 22 KHz tone menu.
▪ Test result
(1)  After  press  LNB  On  key,  ‘18  V  LED’  and  ‘22  KHz  tone 
LED’ should be ON. 
(2)  After press LNB OFF key, ‘18 V LED’ and ‘22 KHz tone 
LED’ should be OFF. 
4.9. Option selection per country
4.9.1. Overview
-  Option selection is only done for models in Non-EU 
4.9.2. Method
(1)  Press ADJ key on the Adj. R/C, then select Country Group 
(2)  Depending on destination, select Country Group Code 04 
or  Country  Group  EU  then  on  the  lower  Country  option, 
select  US,  CA,  MX.  Selection  is  done  using  +,  -  or  ►◄ 
4.10. Tool Option selection
▪  Method : Press "ADJ" key on the Adjustment remote control, 
then select Tool option.
4.11. Ship-out mode check(In-stop)
▪  After final inspection, press "IN-STOP" key of the Adjustment 
remote control and check that the unit goes to Stand-by mode.
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