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5.1. Method
   - Check that Power Cord is fully inserted to the SET.
     (If loose, re-insert)
    -  Unit  fully  inserted  Power  cord; Antenna  cable  and A/V 
arrive to the auto-check process. 
    - Connect D-terminal to AV JACK TESTER
    - Auto CONTROLLER (GWS103-4) ON
    - Perform GND TEST
    - If NG, Buzzer will sound to inform the operator.
    - If OK, changeover to I/P check automatically.
      (Remove CORD, A/V form AV JACK BOX)
    - Perform I/P test
    - If NG, Buzzer will sound to inform the operator.
    -  If OK, Good lamp will lit up and the stopper will allow the 
pallet to move on to next process.
5.2. Checkpoint
(1) Test voltage
    - GND: 1.5KV/min at 100mA
    - SIGNAL: 3KV/min at 100mA
(2) TEST time: 1 second
    -  GND  Test  =  POWER  CORD  GND  and  SIGNAL  CABLE 
    - Hi-pot Test = POWER CORD GND and LIVE & NEUTRAL.
(4) LEAKAGE CURRENT: At 0.5mArms
6. EYE-Q Operation check
Step 1) Turn on the TV..
Step 2)  Press  'EYE  button'  on  the  adjustment  remote-
Step 3)  Cover  'Eye  Q  sensor'  on  the  front  of  set  with  your 
hands, hold it for 6 seconds.
Step 4)  Check "the Sensor Data" on the screen, make certain 
that  Data  is  below  10.  If  Data  isn’t  below  10  in  6 
seconds,  Eye  Q  sensor  would  be  bad.  You  should 
change Eye Q sensor.
Step 5)  Uncover  your hands  from Eye Q sensor, hold  it for 6 
Step 6)  Check  "Back  Light(xxx)"  on  the  screen,  check  data 
increase . You should change Eye Q sensor. 
7. Magic Motion Remote Control Inspection  
-  Required  Instruments:  Inspection  RF-remote  control, 
Inspection IR-KEY-CODE remote control.
-  Prior to the test, AA battery for the RF-remote control should 
be adequate.
  (Change the battery for each LOT is recommended)
- Test procedures
(1) Press the ‘START’ key on the controller to pair with the set.
(2)  Press the ‘OK’ key in the controller and check whether the 
cursor appears on the set.
(3) Press ‘Vol+ (STOP)’ key to de-pair with the set. 
8. 3D function test 
8.1 Test equipment
(1)  Pattern  Generator  MSHG-600  or  MSPG-6100  (HDMI  1.4 
(2) Pattern: HDMI mode (model No. 872, pattern No. 83)
8.2 Test method
(1) Input 3D test signal as Fig.1.
(2) Press ‘OK” key as a 3D input OSD is shown.
(3)  Check  pattern  as  Fig2  without  3D  glasses.  (3D  mode 
without 3D glasses)
<OK in 3D mode without 3D glasses>
<Step 2>
<Step 5>
<Step 6>
<Step 3>
<Step 4>
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