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2) Click the connect button and confirm “Dialog Box”.
3) Click the Config button and Change speed
E2PROM Device setting : over the 350Khz
4) Read and write bin file
Click “(1)Read” tab, and then load download file(XXXX.bin)
by clicking “Read”.
5) Click “Auto(2)” tab and set as below
6) Click “Run(3)”.
7) After downloading, check “OK(4)” message. 
3-6. Download Method (By using USB 
Memory Stick) 
- Using ‘power on’ button of the control R/C, power on TV.
-  USB  file  (EPK)  version  must  be  bigger  than  downloaded
version of main B/D.
(1) Using ‘Power ON’ button of the control R/C, Power on TV.
(2) Insert the USB memory stick to the SET.
(3)  Display  USB  loding  message  then,  push  the  ‘Exit’  Key  of
control R/C
(4)  Push  the  ‘MENU’  Key  and  move  the  cusor  ‘OPTION’  of
OSD ( Fig. 1)
*  Caution:  Don’t  push  the  ‘OK’  key.Just  cusor  is  on  the
‘OPTION’ menu.
(5) Push the “7” key of control R/C continuously.
Then, Display “TV Software Update” Pop-up menu. (Fig. 2)
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( Fig. 1)
( Fig. 2)
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