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- 10 -
- 10 -
10EDID(The Extended Display 
Identification Data)/DDC
(Display Data Channel) Download
It is the feature to implement the “Plug and Play” which
automatically reconfigures the user’sl environment to directly
use by exchanging information without any command directly
to the PC or the monitor by the user, which is established by
the VESA
10-1. HDMI EDID Data Input
(1) Required Test Equipment
1) PC, Jig for adjusting DDC. (PC serial to D-sub
Connection equipment)
2) S/W for writing DDC(EDID data write & read)
3) D-Sub cable
4) Jig for HDMI Cable connection
(2) Preparation for Adjustments & 
Setting of Device
1) Set devices as below and turn on the PC and JIG.
2) Open S/W for writing DDC (EDID data write & read).
(operated in DOS mode)
10-2. Download Method
(1) Set devices as above and turn on the PC and JIG.
(2) Execute DDC Program (EDID data write & read).
(3) Select the EDID data of the said model by selecting Model
-> Open at the menu.
(4) Check the item(s) to download from the <Test processing>
1) HDMI & RGB: Digital & Analog Check
2) (Only)HDMI: Check only the digital
(5) Press ESC (Cancel mode) -> F8 (Auto mode). (Set ‘Auto
(6) Connect the said signal cable to the set.
(7) Make sure that the window “Perform the write operation?“
is displayed.
(8) Press the Enter key or the space key to download.
(9) After checking the ’OK’ message after downloading,
disconnect the connected cable.
10-3. EDID DATA for PA64C
EDID for HDMI 1 (DDC (Display Data Channel) Data)
EDID table =
EDID for HDMI 2 (DDC (Display Data Channel) Data)
EDID table =
(or Digital Board)
<Fig. 5>
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