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1. Application Object
These instructions are applied to all of the Plasma TV, 
2. Notes
(1) Because this is not a hot chassis, it is not necessary to use
an isolation transformer. However, the use of isolation
transformer will help protect test equipment.
(2) Adjustments must be done in the correct order.
(3) The adjustments must be performed in the circumstance of
25±5°C of temperature and 65±10% of relative humidity if
there is no specific designation.
(4) The input voltage of the receiver be must kept 110V, 60Hz
when adjusting.
(5) The receiver must be operational for about 15 minutes
prior to the adjustments.
1) After receiving 100% white pattern, the receiver must be
operated prior to adjustment. (Or 8. White Pattern
condition in EZ - Adjust)
2) Enter into White Pattern 
- Press POWER ON Key on the Service Remote
Control (S R/C)
- Enter the Ez - Adjust by pressing ADJ Key on the
Service Remote Control (S R/C).
- Select 7. White Pattern using the CH +/- Key and
press the Enter(
) Key. 
Display the 100% Full White Pattern. 
Set is activated HEAT-RUN without signal generator in
this mode.
3. Auto AV (CVBS) Color Balance 
3-1. Required Equipment 
(1) Remote controller for adjustment  
(2) AV Pattern Generator: 802F Pattern Generator, Master
(MSPG-925FS), etc 
(Which has NTSC-J Composite Video format output with
standard (1.0 Vpp)  See Fig. 1)   
(3) It is very import to use correct adjustment pattern like
3-2. Method of Auto AV (CVBS) Color 
(1) Input the NTSC-J Composite Video (Fig.1.) into video
=> MSPG-925FS Model No: 207 / Pattern No: 65 / NTSC-J 
(2) Set the EZ Picture to Daylight mode in Video menu. 
(3) Press INSTART key on R/C for adjustment. 
(4) Press the 
(Vol. +) key operate to set, then it becomes
(5) Auto-RGB OK means completed adjustment. 
* When adjust main picture, sub picture is included. 
If you turn on a still screen more than 20 minutes (Especially
Digital pattern(13 CH), Cross Hatch Pattern), an afterimage
may occur in the black level part of the screen.
<Fig. 1>  Auto AV (CVBS) Color Balance Test Pattern 
Default Value on OSD 
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