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1. Application Range
This specification sheet is applied to 19”/ 22” LCD TV which is
manufactured in TV (or Monitor) Factory or is produced on the
basis of this data.  
2. Specification
1) The adjustment is according to the order which is
designated and which must be followed, according to the
plan which can be changed only on agreeing.
2) Power Adjustment: Free Voltage
3) Magnetic Field Condition: Nil.
4) Input signal Unit: Product Specification Standard
5) Reserve after operation: Above 30 Minutes 
6) Adjustment equipments: Color Analyzer(CA-210 or CA-
110), Pattern Generator (MSPG-925L or Equivalent), DDC
Adjustment Jig equipment, SVC remote control
3. Main PCB check process
* APC - After Manual-Insult, executing APC
3.1. Download
1) Execute ISP program “Mstar ISP Utility” and then click
“Config” tab.
2) Set as below, and then click “Auto Detect” and check “OK”
If display “Error”, Check connect computer, jig, and set.
3) Click “Connect” tab.
If display “Can’t ”, Check connect computer, jig, and set.
4) Click “Read” tab, and then load download file(XXXX.bin) by
clicking “Read”.
5) Click “Auto” tab and set as below
6) click “Run”.
7) After downloading, check “OK” message.
3.2. ADC Process
(1) PC input ADC
1) Auto RGB Gain/Offset Adjustment
- Convert to PC in Input-source
- Signal equipment displays
Output Voltage : 700 mVp-p
Impress Resolution XGA (1024x 768 @ 60Hz)
Model : 107   in Pattern Generator
Pattern : 29 in Pattern Generator (MSPG-925 Series)
[gray pattern that left & right is black and center is
white signal (Refer below picture)].
- Adjust by commanding AUTO_COLOR _ADJUST
(0xF1) 0x00 0x02 instruction.
2) Confirmation
- We confirm whether “0x8C” address of EEPROM
“0xB4” is “0xAA” or not.
- If “0x8C” address of EEPROM “0xB4” isn’t “0xAA”, we
adjust once more.
- We can confirm the ADC values from “0x00~0x05
addresses in a page “0xB4”
* Manual ADC process using Service Remote control.
After enter Service Mode by pushing “INSTART” key,
execute “Auto-RGB” by pushing “
” key at “Auto-
1) Component Gain/Offset Adjustment
- Convert to Component in Input-source
- Signal equipment displays
Impress Resolution  480P
MODEL :212     
in Pattern Generator
(480p Mode,  Y : 100%, Pb/Pr : 75%)
PATTERN : 08 in Pattern Generator
(MSPG-925 Series)
(7)  .......OK
<Adjustment pattern (PC)>
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