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• Cooling, Soft Dry, Fan, Heating
• Timer Mode
• Sleep Mode
• Deice control mode
• Hot-Start control mode
1. Test Mode
Test operation will be setted by pushing the tact switch (SW1) in teh MAIN P.C.B ASM. Each test operation by
pushing count of tact switch is as well as the following.
• 1 time push: Ignore Communication control (
operate indoor unit only)
• 2 times push: Shorten the proceeding time (1 min
1 sec)
• 3 times push: Shorten the prceeding time (1 hour
1 sec)
• 4 times push: All LED ON
• 5 times push: Fan: LOW
• 6 times push: Fan: MED
• 7 times push: Fan: HIGH
• 8 times push: Reset
For normal operation after checking by test mode, you should press SW1 8 times for resetting or reconnect the
power cord.
1. Protection of the evaporator coil from frosting
If the temperature of the indoor coil is below 0°C after 7 mins from starting the compressor, the compressor and
the outdoor fan is stopped, and then after 3 mins delay of the compressor and the temperature of the indoor coil
is over 7°C, the compressor and the outdoor fan is reoperated.
2. Thermistor Cut Off or Short
Blinks on and off the operation mode LED 1 times.
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Display Function
Self-diagnosis Function
Operation Indicator
Timer Indicator
Sleep Timer Indicator
Deice Indicator
: Heating model only
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