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• Fix the under plate on the wall
• Separate the under plate from Remote control box.
• Fix the cord clamps on the wall by
Ø 3 tapping screws (accessory).
• Fix the remote control cord.
Remote control 
box body
Cord clamp
Lever carefully 
the box open 
using a screw 
driver, etc.
Front case
The lower part
Face of wall
Under plate
Screw (accessory)
4. Remote Controller Installation
• Although the room temperature sensor is in the indoor unit, the remote control box should be
installed in such places away from direct sunlight and high humidity.
Installation of the remote control box
• Select places that are not splashed with water.
• Select control position after receiving customer approval.
• The room temperature sensor of the thermostat for temperature control is built in the indoor unit.
• This remote controller equipped with liquid crystal display. If this position is higher or lower, display is difficult
to see.(The standard height is 1.2 ~ 1.5m high)
Routing of the remote control cord
• Keep the remote control cord away from the refrigerant piping and the drain piping.
• To protect the remote control cord from electrical noise, place the cord at least 5cm away from other power
cables (audio equipment, television set, etc.)
• If the remote control cord is secured to a wall, provide a trap at the top of the cord to prevent water droplets
from running.
Wire and make sure that teminal
numbers are matched on unit side and
remote controller side.
The maximum length of the cord is 100m.
If the length of the cord exceeds 50m,
use a wire size greater than 0.5mm
Remote controller
 Yellow, Red, Brown  
(Main board)
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