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3. The Indoor Unit Installation
• Select and mark the position for fixing bolts.
• Drill the hole for set anchor on the face of ceiling.
• Insert the set anchor and washer onto the sus-
pension bolts for locking the suspension bolts on
the ceiling.
• Mount the suspension bolts to the set anchor
• Secure the installation plates onto the suspen-
sion bolts (adjust level roughly) using nuts, wash-
ers and spring washers.
Tighten the nut and bolt to prevent unit falling
• Local supply
Set anchor
Plate washer 
- M10
Spring washer
- M10
- W3/8 or M10
Suspension bolt
- W3/8 or M10
1 Set anchor
Old building
New building
2 Plate washer
3 Spring washer
4 Nut
5 Suspension
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