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The best system integration
is achieved when the tweeter
is mounted close to the
midrange speaker.  Installing
the tweeter close to the
midrange helps smooth the
transition from the midrange
to the tweeter at the
crossover point.
You will get the best fre-
quency response when the
path from the tweeter to your
ear is unobstructed.
Installation Warnings
and Tips
Be careful not to cut or drill
into fuel tanks, fuel lines, brake
or hydraulic lines, vacuum lines
or electrical wiring when working
on your vehicle.  Inspect behind
panels before you cut or drill.
Do not use the 08GTi
unmounted.  Failure to securely
mount this product could result in
damage or injury, particularly in
the event of an accident.
Do not mount the 08GTi
where it will get wet.
Always disconnect the
ground wire from the battery be-
fore doing any work on the vehicle.
08GTi Owners Manual  9/17/98 4:17 PM  Page 9
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