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The most spacious stereo
image is achieved when the
08GTi’s are placed as wide
apart as possible.
The best center image will be
achieved when the distance
from the left speaker to your
left ear is as equal as possi-
ble to the distance from the
right speaker to your right
ear. This is most easily
achieved by placing the
08GTi as far forward as
you can.
Treble is directional in nature.
High frequencies fall off as
you move off of the tweeter’s
axis.  Because of this, you
can improve imaging by using
the angle-mount capabilities
of the 08GTi to point each
tweeter’s axis across the car
to the listener on the opposite
side.  This will make each
listener slightly off-axis of the
tweeter they are closest to,
which helps to compensate
for the fact that they are
always closer to one tweeter
than to the other.
08GTi Owners Manual  9/17/98 4:17 PM  Page 8
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