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08 GTi
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quency music reproduction to
beyond 20,000Hz, high output
capability, and a clean sound
that cuts through road noise.
Designing Your System
The availability of separate
components makes a variety of
system designs possible.
Because of its wide-range design
and variety of mounting options,
the 08GTi is perfect for many dif-
ferent applications.  The overall
quality of any system design is a
result of how well all of the com-
ponents work together, not just
the result of the performance of
any one component.  JBL GTi
Competition Series midrange,
midbass, and subwoofer trans-
ducers are the ideal companion
products to your 08GTi.  Each of
the GTi Competition Series com-
ponents is designed to comple-
ment the others to provide the
highest performance with the
simplest and most predictable
system design.  The 08GTi may
be used as the primary high fre-
quency transducer in a system,
or as an add-on tweeter or super
tweeter used to improve the high
frequency response of an exist-
ing system.  A high-pass filter is
included to facilitate use of the
08GTi Owners Manual  9/17/98 4:17 PM  Page 6
08GTi as an add-on tweeter.  To
use the 08GTi as the primary
high frequency transducer in a
high quality system, we recom-
mend you use either a high qual-
ity active crossover such as
JBL’s GTX47, or GTX2.  If you
prefer passive crossovers, we
suggest a complete 408GTi or
508GTi system which includes
the 08GTi, an outstanding 4" or
" midrange, and a laboratory-
optimized crossover.  Your GTi
Competition series dealer is
uniquely qualified to help guide
you on the best system configu-
ration for your needs.
Component Placement
The location of each of the
loudspeakers plays a vital role in
achieving proper frequency
response and spacious imaging.
Because the 08GTi has an
extremely wide and smooth dis-
persion pattern, and because it is
supplied with extremely versatile
mounting hardware, excellent per-
formance may be achieved in any
vehicle.  Due to the wide variety of
vehicles, there is not one “right”
way to locate the 08GTi, however
knowledge of the following consid-
erations will help you get the most
from your system:
08GTi Owners Manual  9/17/98 4:17 PM  Page 7
The most spacious stereo
image is achieved when the
08GTi’s are placed as wide
apart as possible.
The best center image will be
achieved when the distance
from the left speaker to your
left ear is as equal as possi-
ble to the distance from the
right speaker to your right
ear. This is most easily
achieved by placing the
08GTi as far forward as
you can.
Treble is directional in nature.
High frequencies fall off as
you move off of the tweeter’s
axis.  Because of this, you
can improve imaging by using
the angle-mount capabilities
of the 08GTi to point each
tweeter’s axis across the car
to the listener on the opposite
side.  This will make each
listener slightly off-axis of the
tweeter they are closest to,
which helps to compensate
for the fact that they are
always closer to one tweeter
than to the other.
08GTi Owners Manual  9/17/98 4:17 PM  Page 8
The best system integration
is achieved when the tweeter
is mounted close to the
midrange speaker.  Installing
the tweeter close to the
midrange helps smooth the
transition from the midrange
to the tweeter at the
crossover point.
You will get the best fre-
quency response when the
path from the tweeter to your
ear is unobstructed.
Installation Warnings
and Tips
Be careful not to cut or drill
into fuel tanks, fuel lines, brake
or hydraulic lines, vacuum lines
or electrical wiring when working
on your vehicle.  Inspect behind
panels before you cut or drill.
Do not use the 08GTi
unmounted.  Failure to securely
mount this product could result in
damage or injury, particularly in
the event of an accident.
Do not mount the 08GTi
where it will get wet.
Always disconnect the
ground wire from the battery be-
fore doing any work on the vehicle.
08GTi Owners Manual  9/17/98 4:17 PM  Page 9
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