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quency music reproduction to
beyond 20,000Hz, high output
capability, and a clean sound
that cuts through road noise.
Designing Your System
The availability of separate
components makes a variety of
system designs possible.
Because of its wide-range design
and variety of mounting options,
the 08GTi is perfect for many dif-
ferent applications.  The overall
quality of any system design is a
result of how well all of the com-
ponents work together, not just
the result of the performance of
any one component.  JBL GTi
Competition Series midrange,
midbass, and subwoofer trans-
ducers are the ideal companion
products to your 08GTi.  Each of
the GTi Competition Series com-
ponents is designed to comple-
ment the others to provide the
highest performance with the
simplest and most predictable
system design.  The 08GTi may
be used as the primary high fre-
quency transducer in a system,
or as an add-on tweeter or super
tweeter used to improve the high
frequency response of an exist-
ing system.  A high-pass filter is
included to facilitate use of the
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