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Welcome to Club GTi
Thank you for purchasing
the finest automotive tweeter
JBL has ever produced.  As a
GTi Competition Series owner,
you are a member of a select
group of people who enjoy the
most advanced mobile audio
products available.  We call this
group “Club GTi.”  By sending in
the customer information card,
which you will find attached to
your warranty, we will automati-
cally register you as a Club GTi
member which will give you
access to exclusive Club GTi
apparel and other special offers
we will make available from time
to time.  We suggest you fill the
card out at your earliest conve-
Also, be sure to save your
sales receipt in a safe place.  It
will be necessary to use this doc-
ument as proof of purchase in
the event that you ever need
warranty service.  It is also use-
ful for insurance purposes and
for establishing value when you
re-sell your vehicle.
08GTi Owners Manual  9/17/98 4:17 PM  Page 3
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