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Special information for BGA-ICs:
• For sets produced before 1.1.2005 (except products
of 2004), containing leaded solder-alloy and
components, all needed spare-parts will be available
till the end of the service-period. For repair of such
sets nothing changes.
• BGA-de-/soldering (+ baking instructions)
You will find this and more technical information within 
the “magazine”, chapter “workshop news”.
For additional questions please contact your local 
How to Remove / Install Flat Pack-IC
Special Information of BGA IC & Flat Pack-IC
1. Removal
With Hot-Air Flat Pack-IC Desoldering Machine:
1. Prepare the hot-air flat pack-IC desoldering
machine, then apply hot air to the Flat Pack-IC
(about 5 to 6 seconds). (Fig. S-1-1)
2. Remove the flat pack-IC with tweezers while
applying the hot air.
3. Bottom of the flat pack-IC is fixed with glue to the
CBA; when removing entire flat pack-IC, first apply
soldering iron to center of the flat pack-IC and heat
up. Then remove (glue will be melted). (Fig. S-1-6)
4. Release the flat pack-IC from the CBA using
tweezers. (Fig. S-1-6)
1. The Flat Pack-IC shape may differ by models. Use
an appropriate hot-air flat pack-IC desoldering
machine, whose shape matches that of the Flat
2. Do not supply hot air to the chip parts around the
flat pack-IC for over 6 seconds because damage
to the chip parts may occur. Put masking tape
around the flat pack-IC to protect other parts from
damage. (Fig. S-1-2)
Fig. S-1-1
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