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Report No.  70512 
TRF No.:IECEN60950_1B 
General product information: 
The EUT is a desktop stereo system powered by an external SELV source or internal Alkaline or Carbon 
Zinc batteries (8x1.5Vdc D-cells). The EUT is provided with an Ipod connection, USB, S-video out and an 
auxiliary audio input connection.  
Maximum recommended ambient (Tmra): 40°C 
Connection to the supply: Not connected to mains supply, class III equipment. 
1.1.2 - Additional requirements: 
Exposure to extreme temperatures, excessive dust, moisture or vibration; to flammable gases; to 
corrosive or explosive atmospheres: 
This equipment is intended to operate in a "normal" environment (Offices and homes). 
Electro medical equipment connected to the patient: 
This equipment is not an electro medical equipment intended to be physically connected to a patient. 
Equipment used in vehicles, ships or aircrafts, in tropical countries, or at elevations > 2000m: 
This equipment is intended to operate in a "normal" environment (Offices and homes). 
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