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8. Immunity to ambient electromagnetic fields (S3)
8.1 Test criteria  and test procedure
Operating environment;
: 17 ℃
Relative Humidity  
: 42 %
The EUT was placed on a non-metallic support by 0.1m above the lower 
conductor in the center of the stripline.
The wanted signal was fed to all input terminals respectively .The unwanted 
signal is fed to a matching network of the stripline.
The ground connection of the mains filter(M) was directly connected to the
All unused input/output connections on the EUT were terminated and 
shielded with the proper resistance.
The power supply to the mains of the EUT was attached to the mains filter(M).
Ferrite rings for this test was required on all test cables inside the shielded 
The measurement are performed with TS9980 
8.2 Measurement uncertainty
Radiated fields  : ± 2dB
8.3 Test result immunity from radiated fields.
The equipment does comply with the requirements.
For the measurement data, see annex D.
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