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5. Input immunity to RF voltages (in differential mode)(S1)
5.1 Test criteria and test procedure
Operating environment;
: 17 ℃
Relative Humidity  
: 42 %
The criterion concerning acceptable  sound interference is a wanted to 
unwanted audio signal ratio of ≥40dB at a wanted signal level of 50mW.
The EUT was placed by 0.1m above a metallic ground plane of dimensions 
2 x 1 m. The measuring set-up was shown in figure 3 EN55020(2007).
The principle of operation was similar to the measuring set-up of figure 3 in
The low pass filter was added to prevent the influence of the measuring results
by harmonics of the unwanted signal generators.
The speaker outputs of the EUT were applied to an 8Ω purely resistive load
(Ro) and then to the AF inputs of the test system.
The power supply of the EUT was connected to a standard voltage source
(without special filters).
The measurements were performed with test software TS9980 
5.2 Measurement uncertainty
Antenna input immunity ± 2.0dB
5.3 Test result of input immunity to RF voltages.
The equipment does comply with the requirements.
For the measurement data, see annex A
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